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US-MA: Associate Scientist in Biology

Date: 12-Nov-2013
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Associate Scientist in Biology

Position Responsbilities:

Screen recombinant mammalian cell lines and clones for protein production. Monitor cell growth and recombinant protein production. Identify growth media requirements and feed stream strategies for scale-up from process development to pilot scale manufacturing.

Required Skills:

Experience with mammalian cell culture. Working knowledge of cGMP and experience writing technical reports. Excellent oral and written communications. Strong computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook. Excellent organizational and priority management skills


BS/BA degree in Biology or similar related field. 3+ years of prior experience in mammalian cell culture techniques, cloning, and optimizing cell culture conditions and media composition. Familiarity with recombinant protein analysis including ELISA, SDS-PAGE, and Protein-A HPLC is a plus Experience with the production of monclonal antibodies in a variety of cell line expression systems is a plus.

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