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US: Research Scientist - Genetic Identity

Date: 28-Aug-2014
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Research Scientist - Genetic Identity .


1. Recognized as an expert in multiple areas of technical specialization.

2. Generate clear and concise technical documentation and contribute to internal and/or external literature.

3. Analysis of issues and data, drawing conclusions and taking actions based on these conclusions.

4. Work independently, may direct work of others.

5. Create experimental strategy and identify pitfalls.

6. Mentor or technical resource for others and begin training others in project planning.

7. Read and understand peer reviewed scientific literature.

8. Derive information from multiple sources to design a plan.

9. Work with team to establish product specifications and determine whether performance of product/service meets customer needs.

10. Understands and complies with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.


1. B.S. degree in scientific discipline with 8+ years post graduate lab experience


2. M.S. degree in scientific discipline or equivalent with 4+ years postgraduate lab experience.

3. Demonstrated competence in the design and execution of complex experimental strategies.

4. Professional experience as a DNA Analyst in a forensic laboratory environment (preferably STR analysis).

5. Ability to cultivate internal and external professional relationships.

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