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US: Technology Development Research Specialist

Date: 27-Aug-2013
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Technology Development Research Specialist

- B.S./M.S. in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering or related field - 1-3 years of industrial experience - 1-2 years expertise in RNA handling is highly desired - Protein/enzyme detection and quantification expertice is mandatory - Skills must include routine application of commercial/in-house ELISA, western blots, gel electrophoresis, etc. - Analytical background for assays is central to success - Molecular cloning into vectors, restriction digestion, plasmid design - Hands-on experience with isolation and characterization of various nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, etc) - Knowledge and experience in lipid formulation would be advantageous

Key Skills, Abilities, and Competencies:

Self-motivated invidual with direct experience with cell biology, protein detection and quantification and routine assays (western blot, ELISA, gels, etc). Full understanding and experience of nucleic acids (synthesis, extraction, isolation, formulation) is highly desired. Strong background with molecular biology, protein biochemistry and lipid biochemistry with emphasis on nucleic acid technologies. Strong ability for molecular cloning and troubleshooting is desired. Further, characterization techniques and assays of nucleic acids is necessary. Candidate will show ability to conduct in vitro studies and work under minimal supervision at times. Further, problem-solving skills with focus on concepts of drug delivery is warranted. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and have ability to conduct experiments with prominence on critical thinking. Must be able to communicate data (verbal and written) and work with cross-functional groups to move projects forward.

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