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United Kingdom: Bioinformatics Associate Director

Date: 26-Jul-2011
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Bioinformatics and Molecular Profiling Associate Director

Seeking a highly talented cancer bioinformatics expert and thought leader to lead the group. The group will consist of scientists skilled in cancer bioinformatics and molecular profiling technologies and application, and will use cutting-edge science to support projects from target identification through to clinical proof of concept. The role holder will work with leaders at the AZ Gatehouse Park and Innovation Centre China sites, to define the global Oncology strategy for cancer informatics and molecular profiling, and to lead the delivery of the strategy at our Alderley Park site. A key accountability of the role will be to establish and lead collaborations that will support specific projects and enhance the capabilities of the group. The role holder will be expected to have a track record for innovation in bioinformatics and a strong publication record in the field. They will also have an extensive external network in bioinformatics, and speak regularly at international conferences.

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