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US: Research Associate II

Date: 11-Mar-2016
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Research Associate II/III

Position performs immunogenicity or clinical chemistry testing in a reference laboratory that provides testing support to clinical trials. Testing methods utilized are complex, problematic and produced in high volume. The procedural steps are performed by a team in a fast paced environment and documented using GLP practices. Results are reported through an LIS designed for clinical trials. Excellent multi-tasking skills are required to cope with the execution of multiple test methods simultaneously.

Prefer minimum of two years research or clinical laboratory experience with biochemistry techniques; extensive ELISA experience: two years experience with high volume testing with emphasis on autochemistry analyzers. Experience with troubleshooting and editing multipoint nonlinear calibration curves. Excellent pipeting technique under high volume conditions is essential. Experience with assays optimization and validation is desired. Familiar with Microsoft Office products, Excel and Word. Possess good communication and writing skills and able to work effectively in a team when performing assays. Must be detail oriented, well organized and committed to mastering rigorous documentation standards related to GLP standards and pharmaceutical clinical trials. Must have excellent multitasking skills due to the complexity and variety of projects ongoing in each department.

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