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US: Expert Scientist Bioinformatician

Date: 05-Sep-2014
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Expert Scientist Bioinformatician

Basic qualifications:

The ideal candidate has a PhD in Life Sciences or Computer science; in the latter case, familiarity with molecular biology and immunology is desirable. Minimum 8 to 12 years experience, more a plus. Expertise and experience in sequence data analysis and protein structure is required, and familiarity with micro-array data processing, preferably with R+Bioconductor, and with NGS data analysis, is a plus. Some proficiency in programming (Perl, Python, C++, R) and a basic knowledge of statistics is also requested. Capacity to plan and deliver on time, as well as excellent communication and people management skills are a must. The candidate will be willing to learn every day, will be open, creative, and can work autonomously. Experience in managing a team, both workload and development of the team members. The candidate will also be fluent in French & English (oral and written).

The job involves: Performing, and supervising, gene and protein sequence and structure analysis. Interacting with research project teams, and reporting to them on work progress. Participation to definition and improvement of the computing environment, both for hardware and software tools. Leading and managing a group of people. Sharing expertise and know-how, and learning from scientists. Driving contacts with external colleagues and academic research.

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