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US: Associate Scientist II, Research

Date: 06-Nov-2014
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Associate Scientist II, Research

Must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of experimental design, underlying scientific principles, and the ability to independently analyze and assess results

Experience with mammalian cell culture, and biochemistry, molecular cell biology and/or molecular genetics is required

Must have a demonstrable track record of supporting multiple research projects, and have contributed as an author to peer-reviewed publications

Must have the ability and willingness to work effectively on multiple collaborative projects within a cross-functional team environment

Highly self-motivated, with excellent organizational, and oral and written communication skills

Demonstrates independent scientific thinking, and is adept in problem-solving and adaptation of protocols

Culturing, differentiation and analysis of human and mouse primary and immortal cell lines, and human iPS cell lines

Preparation of cells for chemoproteomic, immunoproteomic and biochemical analyses, and cell-based screening

Cell transfection, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and FACS

Molecular cell biology including DNA cloning, electrophoresis, RNA isolation and qPCR analysis,

Protein expression and purification, western blotting, ELISA and protein signaling assays

Basic animal procedures including blood draws, tissue harvest, injection, and culturing/purification of primary cells

Organization, tracking and ordering of consumables and small equipment

Review and summarize relevant scientific literature and database content

Identify and implement best methods for achieving group goals

Work under supervision of a staff scientist

Engagement in hands-on bench work

Experimental design, implementation and interpretation skills

Communication skills


Adaptable/flexible/agile/team-oriented Education A B.S. plus five years experience, or an M.S. plus three years experience in life science research, with a degree in cell biology, biochemistry or a related discipline (background flexible). Industry experience is a plus.

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