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US-MA: r. Associate Scientist

Date: 23-Oct-2012
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Scientist / Sr. Associate Scientist, Hematology

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, dynamic laboratory scientist with demonstrated experience and expertise with in vitro assays to contribute to and support project advancements the in Hematology Research group. Applicants must have experience in wide range of in vitro assays. The work will involve the designing and performing of assays, analyzing the results as well as assessing and maintaining the reproducibility of the data generated. The candidate will work closely together with other team members to deliver high quality data. Qualifications Prior experience working within laboratory setting in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, or related field with in a pharmaceutical setting; experience in vitro assays. Preferred M.Sc. in Biology with >5 years experience in a drug discovery setting. B.Sc. in Biology with >10 years experience in a drug discovery setting Work experience/skills: Excellent skills in the development, implementation, and execution of in vitro assays. Required expertise in vitro assays, in vitro cell-line based assays, ELISA, QRTPCR, molecular and cell biology (transfection, SDS-PAGE, Western blot analysis, immunoprecipitation). Strong in vitro cell culture skills. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills. Self-motivation and the ability to work independently, as well collaborate as part of internal and external cross-functional teams.

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