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US-GA-Marietta: Scientist 2-Immunoassay

Date: 18-Dec-2014
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Scientist 2-Immunoassay


Execution of cell-based assays, ELISAs, RIAs, and other immunoassay techniques. Learn and perform required laboratory techniques using novel and established protocols and Standard Operation Procedures acting as team member under the direction of project leader or in role of project leader. Responsible for production and maintenance of cell lines and cell/tissue culture in cellular immunology lab. Responsible for method development, method validation and sample analysis with minimal assistance, as team member or project leader. May act as project manager depending on experience. Perform sample accessioning/handling according to SOP using LIMS system as needed. Perform data analysis, upload run data/results to LIMS system as needed. Responsible for the preparation of stock and working solutions/standards and QC samples as needed. Aliquot standards, controls, control matrices and other reagents, as required. Dispense proprietary/commercial compounds for the preparation of reference material and assay reagents as needed. Responsible for the documentation of all project work in appropriate laboratory notebooks. Prepare and review run binders, notebooks and other project-related documentation. Prepare study worksheets and methodsas project leader or team member as needed. Initiate changes in Standard Operating Procedure for modifications of existing processes or preparation of new procedures. Ability to work a flexible schedule and adapt efficiently to program changes. Production of quality data and documentation. Order and stock laboratory supplies if needed. Maintenance of laboratory instrumentation and systems as required. Monitor laboratory systems as needed. Routine safety inspections as needed. Maintain personal training file and assists in training of other technical staff.

Understanding of broad array of immunoassay techniques, instrumentation, development/validation of methodology, sample handling and preparation, and data analysis. Technical knowledge in key areas of cell-culture and cell-based immunoassays as needed. Ability to maintain clear and efficient method development documentation.


Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or a related field with 3 years’ progressively responsible related experience; or equivalent combination of education, training and experience in a laboratory environment.

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