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US: Senior Biostatistician/Epidemiologist

Date: 05-Feb-2015
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Senior Biostatistician/Epidemiologist

Seeking a senior biostatistician/epidemiologist to work as a statistical leader in multidisciplinary team efforts to design and carry out health-related research. The position involves collaboration with clinical investigators, other biostatisticians and epidemiologists, data managers, and analytic programmers on the design, implementation, and analysis of studies sponsored primarily by government organizations and foundations. You will work with senior investigators from academic and health care institutions to help design and monitor health studies and to analyze study data for presentations, reports, and publications in scientific and medical journals.

Candidate should be capable of serving as a principal investigator, especially for projects where our serves as the data and statistical coordinating center. Projects may involve all types of clinical trials and observational studies, including randomized controlled trials, large pragmatic trials, surveillance and registry studies, and various epidemiologic designs (e.g., cross-sectional, case-control, longitudinal).

Responsibilities may also include the analysis of secondary data sources, such as large administrative databases (e.g., medical claims data), public use data files of complex surveys (e.g., MEPS, NAMCS), and electronic medical/health records. Familiarity with and interest in health information technology issues associated with these data sources is required.

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