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Bioinformatics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Overview

This resource is maintained by and Damian Counsell, UK Medical Research Council Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research (the RFCGR) 1998-2004.

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Latest changes

  • added info about Brazilian bioinformatics training/sequencing---thanks to Pablo Nehab-Hess
  • added Wageningen University---thanks to Judith Risse
  • added Malaysian courses---thanks to Alfred Simbun
  • added up-to-date link for Minnesota University---thanks to Lynda Ellis
  • added two Indian courses---thanks to Sugandha Singhal
  • added another definition of bioinformatics---thanks to Sugandha Singhal
  • added another New York State programme in bioinformatics---thanks to Bulat K

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Mail your questions to me, Damian Counsell, and I'll try to bring you answers. Alternatively, if you have your own answers, mail them to me and I'll incorporate them. The practical section in particular is full of gaps so your contributions to that are particularly welcome; I am slowly completing and extending the entries when I have the time.

Although I am happy to tackle questions of general interest to all visitors to the site, please note that:

  • I cannot answer queries specific to you alone,
  • I am not a careers adviser,
  • I try not to offer opinions on the relative merits of bioinformatics courses,
  • I won't answer your essay questions, assignments, or homework,
  • I won't provide you with a list of companies for you to market your bioinformatics product to,
  • I won't suggest a project for your Master's/PhD,
  • I have not devised a bioinformatic cure for cancer---and neither have you, and
  • This FAQ is perpetually under construction.
I hope, however, that the information here helps with your studies, career and work.

I acknowledge the help of many other individuals in creating this part of the Bioinformatics.Org site. If you have contributed and I have forgotten to credit you, please email me and I will correct my oversight immediately.

Bioinformatics is, I believe, a special kind of engineering discipline---it certainly isn't a "pure" science. It has been enormously successful in its short existence and I think its successes have been the result of a practical and rigorous approach which I hope to encourage in anyone interested in entering the field.

This document is not a scientific paper or textbook (yet). You will find blunt opinions here. If you disagree with me about any of the following please tell me. I hope to learn a lot from your inevitable and welcome criticisms.

There is certainly one sense in which I consider myself a pure scientist: I'm open to rational persuasion.

I write this resource and hold the copyright for the purposes of protecting its content from intellectual property pirates. By that I mean I want to keep this out of the hands of people who steal the work of others for commercial gain, and those who abuse and extend the powers of IP law at the expense of the disadvantaged---rather than those who would like to copy or mirror this resource for educational reasons. (This may sound overdramatic, but the FAQ has already been pirated for doubtful purposes.)


Bioinformatics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Overview