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I want to help, where do I start?

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I want to help, where do I start?

BioPerl is a pretty diverse collection of modules which has grown from the direct needs of the developers participating in the project. So if you don't have a need for a specific module in the toolkit it becomes hard to just describe ways it needs to be expanded or adapted. One area, however is the development of stand-alone scripts which use BioPerl components for common tasks. Some starting points for scripts: find out what people in your institution do routinely that a shortcut can be developed for. Identify modules in BioPerl that need easy interfaces and write that wrapper - you'll learn how to use the module inside and out.

A great place to start looking for aspects of the project which need help is the Project priority list and Orphan modules list.

We always need people to help fix bugs - check the Bugzilla bug tracking system. Submitting bugs in the documentation and code is very helpful as has been said about open source software "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow".

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