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bioperl-ext won't compile the staden IO lib part...

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bioperl-ext won't compile the staden IO lib part - what do I do?

Make sure you read the README about copying files over. Some more items to check off before asking.

  1. Are you sure io_lib is installed where you think it is, and that the install path is seen by Perl (did you answer the questions during perl Makefile.PL ?)
  2. Did you copy the various missing .h files (os.h config.h if I remember right) from your io_lib source directory into the install include directory when installing io_lib?
  3. When you ran make for io_lib did you see any errors or messages about how you should probably run "ranlib" on the library object?
  4. Did you run "ranlib" on the installed libread file(s)?

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