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How do I submit a patch or enhancement to BioPer...

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How do I submit a patch or enhancement to BioPerl?

We suggest the following. Post your idea to the appropriate mailing list. If it is a really new idea consider taking us through your thought process. We'll help you tease out the necessary information such as what methods you'll want and how it can interact with other BioPerl modules. If it is a port of something you've already worked on, give us a summary of the current methods. Make sure there is an interface to the module, not just an implementation and make sure there will be a set of tests that will be in the t/ directory to insure that your module is tested. If you have a suggested patch and/or code enhancement, the SubmitPatch HOWTO gives guidelines on how to properly submit them via Bugzilla. See also Advanced BioPerl for more information.

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