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How do I compile EMBOSS?

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How do I compile EMBOSS?

A) Make sure you have the latest code and if you have compiled before try the following:-

   rm config.cache    (if that file exists)
   make clean

If this is the first time trying to compile all you need to do is:-


The above will produce the EMBOSS programs in the 'emboss' subdirectory and you can set your PATH variable to point there. This method is suitable for EMBOSS developers.

For system-wide installations we recommend installing the EMBOSS programs into a different directory to the source code (e.g. in the directory tree /usr/local/emboss). To do this type [e.g.]:

      ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/emboss
      make                    [to make sure there are no errors, then]
      make install            [if there are no errors]

You should then add [e.g.] /usr/local/emboss/bin to your PATH variable [e.g.]

      set path=(/usr/local/emboss/bin $path)        [csh/tcsh shells]
      export PATH="$PATH /usr/local/emboss/bin"     [sh/bash shells]

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