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Atom labels do not show up when I transfer a Word or PowerPoint doc created on a PC containing embedded ChemDraw structures to Word or PowerPoint X on a Mac.

Microsoft fixed this problem in MS Office 2004 and in a 10.1.6 update. You can download the 10.1.6 update from Microsoft's web site:

The disappearing atom labels problem does not occur when using MS Office 98, 2001, 10.1.6, or 2004. If upgrading or downgrading MS Office is not an option, the work around would be to transfer the Word document and the ChemDraw documents across platform separately, then reassemble on the Mac.

Other options that may or may not work all the time:

1. Translate the Windows Word or PowerPoint document with MacLinkPlus into Word or PowerPoint 5 format (MacLinkPlus 13: Version 11 in Classic was used). It should then open in Office X with the atom labels intact.

2. PowerPoint users might be to open the PowerPoint Windows document in Apple's KeyNote program for the Mac. In some cases, KeyNote does not have problems with ChemDraw structures when opening a PowerPoint Windows document.

3. Open the Word document in OpenOffice and the labels show up. Save the file and now open in Word X and the labels show up:

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