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Excel Add-Ins do not work with MS Office 2003.

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Excel Add-Ins do not work with MS Office 2003.

First, please note that this solution only applies to products that come with an Excel Add-In. If your software does not have an Excel Add-In (i.e ChemDraw Std or Pro, etc.), this tech note will not help.

Starting with our 9.0 release, our Excel Add-Ins are now supported under Microsoft Office 2003.

The 8.0 version of our software was developed before MS Office 2003, so our installer will not install our Add-Ins to this version of MS Office. It is possible to get the ChemDraw for Excel and the ChemSAR for Excel Add-Ins working, but CombiChem for Excel and Purchasing for Excel are not compatible with MS Office 2003.

Note that the ChemSAR Add-In will only work in this solution if you have a qualifying product: ChemOffice Ultra, Pro or Chem3D Ultra.

For 8.0 users: To get ChemDraw and ChemSAR for Excel working with MS Office 2003, download the following file:

  • After this file downloads, double click on it to unzip the contents.
  • Move the unzipped c3dxl.xla and cfxl.xla to the C:\Program Files\MicroSoft Office\Office11\Library folder.
  • Move cfxllib8.dll and chemSAR8.dll to C:\Program Files\MicroSoft Office\Office11 folder (to be at the same level as the Excel .exe).
  • Launch Excel, check the Trust VB sources checkboxes so they are both checked(located in Tools, Macro, Security under the Trusted Sources tab).
  • Add the Add-Ins (Tools menu, Add-Ins) and start working.

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