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How do I compile the CVS version?

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How do I compile the CVS version?

A) You will need automake, autoconf, gmake and libtool for this.

The gcc compiler is recommended. The host cc compiler should work, but there is a problem with automake which generates the Makefiles. automake generates dependencies for you, in a '.deps' subdirectory, to keep clean, but since automake 1.4 this uses gcc. If you are not using gcc, you can use 'automake --include-deps' to put the dependencies into each file

Scripts are available to compile the cvs version.

i.e. source make-static-developers will compile a statically linked EMBOSS.

What this actually does is:-

   aclocal -I m4
   automake -a            #   --include-deps  # if you are not using gcc
   ./configure --disable-shared

For more info on the configurability of the build try

   ./configure --help

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