BioTech FYI Center

Bioinformatics database and tools collection

Bioinformatics database and tools collection

1. Nucleotide Sequence Databases

1.1. International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration
1.2. DNA sequences: genes, motifs and regulatory sites
1.2.2. Gene structure, introns and exons, splice sites
1.2.3. Transcriptional regulator sites and transcription factors;

2. RNA sequence databases

3. Protein sequence databases

3.1. General sequence databases
3.2. Protein properties
3.3. Protein localization and targeting
3.4. Protein sequence motifs and active sites
3.5. Protein domain databases; protein classification
3.6. Databases of individual protein families

4. Structure Databases

4.1. Small molecules
4.2. Carbohydrates
4.3. Nucleic acid structure
4.4. Protein structure

5. Genomics Databases (non-human)

5.1. Genome annotation terms, ontologies and nomenclature
5.1.1. Taxonomy and Identification
5.2. General genomics databases

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