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I get the message "No suitable display detected!...

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I get the message "No suitable display detected!"

This is a problem on the UNIX version of RasMol caused by one of two potential problems. The first is that your DISPLAY environment variable isn't set corrrectly or that you don't have permission to display to the X Windows server. This can be checked by testing whether it is possible to run any other X Windows program.

The second problem is caused by a mismatch between the configured version of RasMol and the display depths available on the current X Windows server. This is most often the case when RasMol has been compiled in 24/32bit mode (by defining THIRTYTWOBIT in either rasmol.h or Makefile). The 24/32bit mode indicates that RasMol should use 3bytes/pixel (or 16 million simultaneous colours). If the current X Windows server is unable to display this visual depth it reports the "No suitable display" error. The visual depths supported by the current X Windows server can be reported by typing the "xdpyinfo" command. To solve the problem, recompile RasMol with EIGHTBIT defined instead (i.e use one byte/pixel or 256 simultaneous colours).

Note: that RasMol must be configured with EIGHTBIT for 1bit/pixel (monochrome) or 8bit/pixel displays, with SIXTEENBIT for 16bit/pixel displays and with THIRTYTWOBIT for either 24bit/pixel or 32bit/pixel displays.

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