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Where can I get more molecule co-ordinate files?

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Where can I get more molecule co-ordinate files?

In addition to the three example files that are distributed with RasMol, the protein crambin (1crn.pdb), the DNA-binding protein CRO (3cro.pdb) and aspirin (asprin.alc), the major source of data files for RasMol is the Protein Databank at Brookhaven National Labs. This is the main repository for all of the world's known 3D xray-crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) structures of proteins and nucleic acids. Currently over 7,000 are available at the Protein Data Bank. One of the best lists of sites that hold small molecule co-ordinates (and additional protein structures) is Eric Martz'z "Molecules Galore!" WWW page at

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