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How do I measure distances within RasMol?

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How do I measure distances within RasMol?

There are two ways to measure distances between atoms in version 2.6beta of RasMol. The first is to use the "set picking distance" command, to set the mouse into interactive distance measurement mode. Then by clicking on pairs of atoms, RasMol will report the distance between them on the command line. RasMol also has similar modes for "set picking angles" and "set picking torsions". The mouse can be returned to the default mode using "set picking ident".

The second approach is to use distance monitors. A distance monitor in RasMol is a graphical dotted line between an arbitrary pair of atoms optionally labelled by the distance between them. There are two ways to add a monitor to a molecule. The first is to use "set picking monitors", similar to set picking distance above. Note that this will acta as a toggle and selecting the same two atoms again will remove the monitor. Monitors can also be added from the command line using the monitor command. This command takes the atom serial numbers of the two end-point atoms as parameters. All monitors can be turned of using the command "monitors off".

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