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I can't find the command line window in RasWin

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I can't find the command line window in RasWin

This is a confusing problem with RasWin. When RasWin initially starts under Microsoft Windows the command line window is initially iconised (unlike the Macintosh or UNIX versions). The "RasMol Command Line" icon appears at the bottom of the screen on the Windows background. Unfortunately, this is often obscured by another window such as the Program Manager or the File Manager. Both the "RasMol" icon and the "RasMol Command Line" icons can be seen if all the open windows are minimized.

A more convenient solution is to make use of the Microsoft "Alt-Tab" control key combination. Hold down the "Alt"-key, and press the "Tab" key one or more times until the name of the window you wish to bring to the front appears, then release the "Alt"-key.

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