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Biotechnology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Biotechnology? Biotechnologies involve the scientific manipulation of living organisms to produce products conducive to improving the lives and health of plants, animals, and humans, such as DNA diagnosis, fingerprinting, and genetic mapping. Read more frequently asked questions on biotechnology below:


Biotechnology Job Interview Questions and Resources

Sarlary Information for Biotechnology Scientist or Associate

Looking for Biotechnology Scientist or Associate job? Or looking for a raise? You need to know how much are you worth in today's job market. Read the detailed salary report on Biotechnology professionals.

Bioinformatics Interview Questions and Answers

Need to prepare for a job interview in Bioinformatics areas? Take a look at this collection of interview questions and answers.

Bioinformatics Software Tools FAQs

Looking for Bioinformatics software tools? Check out this collection of Software Tools FAQs: Bioinformatics Analysis Tools Links, Bioinformatics database tools Links and more...,

Bioinformatics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A large collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Bioinformatics maintained by Damian Counsell, UK Medical Research Council Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research (the RFCGR) 1998-2004.    Bioinformatics Basics   Bioinformatics - Miscellaneous collection General    Bioinformatics - Miscellaneous collection Miscellaneous

The Best Jobs In America

The Top 10 / Top 50 Best Jobs - Software engineer, College professor, Financial advisor, Human resources manager, Physician's assistant,Market research analyst,Real estate appraiser,Pharmacist,Psychologist..... More

Links to Major Chemical Databases

There are a huge number of chemical databases available on the Internet today. Here are some of the most popular big chemical databases that have been collected at 56 databases are listed in alphabetical order. Read more...

SMILES Related Website Resources

SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification) is a specification for describing the structure of chemical molecules using short ASCII strings. This document provides a collection of references to Websites related SMILES, including specification documents, tutorials, software tools, and other related information. Read more...

Structure Data Format (SDF) Related Website Resources

Structure Data Format (SDF) is a chemical file formats to represent multiple chemical structure records and associated data fields. SDF was developed and published by Molecular Design Limited (MDL) and became the the most widely used standard for importing and exporting information on chemicals. Read more...

Chemical Markup Language (CML) Related Website Resources

CML (Chemical Markup Language) is a new approach to managing molecular information using recently developed Internet tools such as XML and Java. It is based strictly on SGML, the most robust and widely used system for precise information management in many areas. It has been developed over several years and has been tested in many areas and on a variety of machines. Read more...

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Glossary of Biotechnology Terms

This section provides general definitions of commonly used biotechnology terms as handy references for people with little or no training in the biological and chemical sciences...

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