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When Open Babel was first developed? And how many Open Babel releases are there?



The original Babel was written by Pat Walters and Matt Stahl in 2001, based on the "convert" program by Ajay Shah. The original Babel is a remarkable chemistry file conversion tool.

Pat Walters and Matt Stahl rewrote Babel in C++ they called OBabel, which was never really publicly released. But Matt used some of these ideas in OELib an API library, OELib which was generously released in 2002 under the GNU GPL by his employer, OpenEye Software.

Here are Open Babel releases and dates when there were published:

  2019-10-11, Open Babel 3.0.0
  2016-10-11, Open Babel 2.4.1
  2016-09-21, Open Babel 2.4.0
  2012-10-11, Open Babel 2.3.2
  2011-10-17, Open Babel 2.3.1
  2010-10-26, Open Babel 2.3.0
  2009-07-31, Open Babel 2.2.3
  2009-07-10, Open Babel 2.2.2
  2009-02-03, Open Babel 2.2.1
  2008-07-04, Open Babel 2.2.0
  2007-07-07, Open Babel 2.1.1
  2007-04-07, Open Babel 2.1.0
  2003, OELib
  2003, Babel 1.6
  2001, Babel


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