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Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team on Ketcher, Chemical Structure Editor in JavaScript:

Introduction to Ketcher

What Is Ketcher - Chemical Structure Editor in JavaScript

Download and Install Ketcher in Standalone Mode

Install Ketcher on Apache Web Server

Build Ketcher Editor Web Page

Ketcher JavaScript API

What Is Ketcher JavaScript API

contentWindow.ketcher - Access "ketcher" Object

ketcher.setMolecule() - Import Molecule into Ketcher

ketcher.getMolfile() - Export Molecule in Molfile Format

ketcher.getRxn() - Export Reaction in RXN Format

ketcher.getSmiles() and ketcher.getSmarts()

Call getSmiles() and getSmarts() Parallelly

Call getSmiles() and getSmarts() Nested

Call getSmiles() and getSmarts() Chained

Export Chemical Structure in All Formats

Export Chemical Structure in All Formats Failed

Call getInchi() and generateInchIKey() Methods

generateImage() - Generate Image from Structure

Save Structure from Ketcher to Server

Restore Structure from Server to Ketcher

Use Ketcher as JS Library Without UI

Ketcher Editor Interface

What Is Ketcher Editor Interface

editor.struct() - Get Entire Structure

editor.struct().atoms - Get Atom List

editor.struct().bonds - Get Bond List

editor.struct().loops - Get Loop List

editor.structSelected() - Get Selected Sub-Structure

editor.options() - Get Editor Options

editor.setOptions() - Set Editor Options

Ketcher Indigo Interface

What Is Ketcher Indigo Interface

indigo.calculate() - Calculates Chemical Properties

indigo.generateImageAsBase64() - Generate Image as Base64

indigo.convert() - Convert Structure Formats

Ketcher File Format for Chemical Structures

What Is Ketcher File Format

Ketcher File Structure

Export Ketcher File from Editor

Import Ketcher File to Editor

Ketcher File Structure for Molecule

Molecule Structure with Directed Bonds

Bond Type Codes in Ketcher File

Molecule with Substituted Functional Group

Adding Text Labels in Ketcher File

Ketcher File Structure for Reaction

One Molecule with Disconnected Parts

Scaling Issue on Importing Ketcher File

Ketcher Editor User Interface

Ketcher User Interface Menu Icons

Show InChI String on Ketcher

Reaction with Stereocenters in CDXML Format Error

Ketcher Chemical Reaction Online Editor

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Introduction to Ketcher

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