Open Babel Web Interface at


Is there any Web interface available for Open Babel? I want to try it before installing it on my local computer.



You can try Open Babel on the Web interface provided by

1. Go to You see the Web interface that allows you to convert molecule files from one format to another using Open Babel.

2. Enter 'c1ccccc1' in the input box on the left.

3. Select "smi - SMILES format" as the input format.

4. Select "sdf - MDL MOL format" as the output format.

5. Select "3D" as the "Generate coordinates" option.

6. Select "Delete" as the "Add / Delete hydrogens" option.

7. Click "Convert" button. You see molecule data in SDF format displayed in the output box on the right.

Open Babel Web Interface at
Open Babel Web Interface at - Web API

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