Missing 3Dmol-min.js on Local 3Dmol Server


Why is my local 3Dmol server redirecting to browser to https://get.webgl.org/?

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If you access your local 3Dmol server with a browser, and you see the https://get.webgl.org/ Website displayed, it's most likely missing the 3Dmol-min.js file on the server. This may happen if 3Dmol server was not installed properly.

You can re-install 3Dmol server to resolve the problem.

Or you can download a copy of 3Dmol-min.js from www.

fyicenter$ cd 3Dmol.js/packages/3Dmol/build

curl https://3Dmol.org/build/3Dmol-min.js > 3Dmol-min.js

Go to your local 3Dmol server again in browser with: You should see the 3Dmol Viewer displayed with a redirected URL:

Your local 3Dmol server works now like the hosted server at https://3dmol.org/viewer.html.


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