Failed to Load D4DF9EC9DD21B943E35F3D5696D5D2A1.cache.js


Why JSME editor is not showing after upgrade to the 2022-09-26 version?



If you upgraded JSME to the 2022-09-26 version from an older version, the JSME editor may fail to show up in your browser. In the browser developer console, you will see that a required JSME JavaScript file, D4DF9EC9DD21B943E35F3D5696D5D2A1.cache.js, or 61B683D3493CAED438D5743A0404863D.cache.js, failed to be loaded.

This problem is caused by cached browser history on the older JSME version. D4DF9EC9DD21B943E35F3D5696D5D2A1.cache.js and 61B683D3493CAED438D5743A0404863D.cache.js are JavaScript files from the 2017-02-26 version.

To fix the problem, you need to open the "History" menu in the browser and clear the browser history.

Then open the JSME Web page again. You should see the JSME editor displayed.


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