What Is PyMol


What Is PyMol?

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PyMol is a powerful molecule visualization software with the following main features:

  • Able to produce high-quality graphics ready for publications.
  • Able to create movies.
  • Able to measure bond distances and angles.
  • Has an extensive help system.
  • Structures can be sliced, diced, and reassembled on the fly and written out to standard files.
  • Both command line interface and graphical user interface are provided.
  • Python API is provided to access all functionalities.

PyMol was originally written by Warran Delano in Python in the early 2000's and released as an open-source project.

Unfortunately, Warren passed away in 2009. PyMol is maintained now by Schrodinger with 2 editions: free academic edition and commercial edition.

For more information, visit PyMol Website at pymol.org.


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⇑ PyMol Installation

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