Open Babel Documentation and Resources


Where can I find Open Babel documentations and resources?



Here is a list of links to Open Babel documentations and resources.

Open Babel Command Manuals and Tutorials -

Open Babel v2.3.1 Documentation - "Open Babel, or how I learned to love the chemistry file format" at

Open Babel API Documentation -

Open Babel Code Repository at -

Open Babel Code Repository at -

Open Babel User Forum -

Open Babel Web User Interface -

Open Babel: An open chemical toolbox - ”Journal of Cheminformatics“ technical paper at

Fingerprints - Screening and Similarity - Description of Structural keys, Fingerprints and Similarity Measures at

Molecular fingerprints library - List of Molecular Fingerprint Algorithms at


Running Open Babel on CentOS - Web API

Introduction to Open Babel

⇑⇑ Open Babel Tutorials

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