$3Dmol.download('pdb:...', ...) - Download PDB Protein


How to download PDB Protein Data with the $3Dmol.download() method?

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The syntax to download PDB Protein Data with the $3Dmol.download() method is shown below:

$3Dmol.download("pdb:{PDB_ID}", viewer, options, callback) -> {$3Dmol.GLModel}
  viewer - The $3Dmol.GLViewer instance where the downloaded protein is added
  options - Options applied to the downloaded data 
  callback - Function to call after data is loaded with model as argument

Here is an HTML code example, Download-PDB.html, that uses the download() method to download a protein with a given PDB ID.

<script src="/3Dmol-min.js"></script>
<div id="viewer" style="width: 400px; height: 400px; position: relative;"></div>
  let config = { backgroundColor:'grey' };
  let viewer = $3Dmol.createViewer( $('#viewer'), config );
  $3Dmol.download("pdb:1MO8", viewer, {}, function(m) {
    m.setStyle({"chain":"A"}, {cartoon:{color:"spectrum"}});

This example HTML code will display a PDB protein in cartoon style:

3Dmol.js Example - Download PDB
3Dmol.js Example - Download PDB

Note that the protein structure data is downloaded with the following PDB API:



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