$3Dmol Namespace and Static Methods


What is the GLViewer Class?

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$3Dmol is the top namespace of the $3Dmol.js library. It contains a sub-namespace, several classes and some static methods as listed below.


$3Dmol.GLDraw - Lower level utilities for creating WebGL shape geometries


$3Dmol.GLModel - A group of related atoms
$3Dmol.GLShape - A collection of user specified shapes
$3Dmol.GLViewer - A WebGL-based viewer
$3Dmol.Label - A renderable text label

Static Methods:

$3Dmol.createViewer(element, config, shared_viewer_resources) -> {$3Dmol.GLViewer}
    - Create a viewer at supplied HTML element using specification in config
$3Dmol.download(query, viewer, options, callback) -> {$3Dmol.GLModel} 
    - Load a PDB/PubChem structure into existing viewer
$3Dmol.getbin(uri, callback, request) -> {Promise} 
    - Download binary data into an array buffer 
$3Dmol.getExtent(atomlist) -> {Array}
    - Computes the bounding box around the provided atoms

For the full documentation, visit $3Dmol Namespace API Website.


$3Dmol.download('pdb:...', ...) - Download PDB Protein

3Dmol.js Classes and API

3Dmol.js Classes and API

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