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Microarray Glossary

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Stands for Bacterial Artificial Chromosome, a cloning and sequencing vector derived form a bacterial chromosome into which a 100,000 bp fragment or more can be inserted.

Miniaturised substrates onto which a large number of biomolecules are attached with high density and in a defined microarray.

Science dealing with the classification, storage, retrieval and analysis of genomic and proteomic information; molecular modelling.

Device in which recognition systems of biological chemicals are coupled to microelectronics to allow the low-level detection of substances such as proteins etc. in body fluids or pollutants in water.

DNA probes are labelled with biotin. Biotinylated triphosphates are incorporated into the molecule by enzyme-dependent labelling reactions such as e.g. nick translation or random primed labelling. Afterwards, the probe is hybridised to the target. The location of biotin is visualised by complexing it with a streptavidin molecule that is attached to a colour-generating agent.

Heuristic homology search algorithm

Recalculation of results with randomly rearranged datasets to exclude the possibility of artefacts in data clustering.

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