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Microarray Glossary

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Deoxyribonucleic acid consists of a polysugar-phosphate backbone from which the purines and pyrimidines project. The backbone is formed by bonds between the phosphate molecule and carbon 3 and 5 of the adjacent deoxyribose molecules. The nitrogenous base extends from carbon 1 of each sugar. It forms a double helix hold together by hydrogen bonds between specific pairs of bases (Watson-Crick model) and each strand in the double helix is complementary to its partner with regard to its base sequence. See also: DNA array, DNA chip, DNA microarray

DNA array
DNA arrays consist of large numbers of DNA molecules spotted in a systematic order on a solid substrate. Depending on the spotting technique used, the number of spots can range from hundreds to thousands. See also: DNA, DNA chip, DNA microarray

DNA chip
These chips are also referred to as DNA arrays, or microarrays. Approx. 10,000 cDNAs can be spotted onto a microscope slide and subsequently be hybridised with a double-labelled probe. See also: DNA, DNA array, DNA microarray

DNA microarray
This kind of microarray consists of a set of regular arranged spots of DNA recognition elements (e.g. oligos) positioned on a rigid support. The diameters of the spots range between 20 and 200 micrometers. Usually 50 to 80,000 spots cover an area of approximately 1 square centimetre. The technology is based on the selective recognition of gene sequences by hybridisation, namely the base-pairing of the 4 nucleotides. Upon hybridisation with e.g. a fluorescently-labelled sample (oligo, cDNA, mRNA, PCR product) the signals can be analysed. See also: DNA, DNA array, DNA chip

Drug lead
Compound that has shown evidence of pharmacological activity on a drug target serving as a leading structure.

Drug target
A gene or protein that plays a role in a disease process and is the intended site of drug activity.

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