Structure Display Command on Open Babel GUI


How to change the display command on Open Babel GUI?



By default, Open Babel GUI uses Firefox to display molecule structure. If you don't have Firefox installed, you will get an error:

Obgui Error: 
Execution of command "firefox ..." failed. 
System cannot find the file.

To fix the problem, you can change the display command as shown in this tutorial.

1. Start Open Babel GUI and go to "View > Configure Structure Display" menu. You see a small window showing the current display command.

2. Enter a new command to use a different browser. For example, enter the following to use the Google Chrome browser:

\Progra~1\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome file:///

3. Enter a new molecule in the input section on the left.

4. Click to select the "Display in ..." checkbox in the output section on the right.

5. Click the "CONVERT" button. You see the molecule structure displayed in the Google Chrome browser.

Open Babel GUI - Change Structure Display
Open Babel GUI - Change Structure Display


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