Trapezoidal PK AUC Model


How to calculate PK AUC with linear trapezoidal model?

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The linear trapezoidal model to calculate PK AUC can be described as below:

Assume that:
  t0, t1, t2, ..., t11 are times after dose
  C0, C1, C2, ..., C11 are drug concentrations at t0, t1, t2, ..., t11

AUC can be calculated as:
  AUC1 = 0.5*(t1-t0)*(C0+C1)
  AUC2 = AUC1 + 0.5*(t2-t1)*(C1+C2)
  AUC11 = AUC10 + 0.5*(t11-t10)*(C10+C11)


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