What Is 3Dmol.js Library


What Is 3Dmol.js Library?

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3Dmol.js is an object-oriented, WebGL based JavaScript library for online molecular visualization - No Java required! With 3Dmol.js, you can add beautifully rendered molecular visualizations to your web applications.

Main features of 3Dmol.js are:

  • support for pdb, sdf, mol2, xyz, and cube formats
  • parallelized molecular surface computation
  • sphere, stick, line, cross, cartoon, and surface styles
  • atom property based selection and styling
  • labels
  • clickable interactivity with molecular data
  • geometric shapes including spheres and arrows

For more information on 3Dmol.js, visit the official Website at pitt.edu.


Use the Online Version of 3Dmol.js Library

Getting Started with 3Dmol.js

Getting Started with 3Dmol.js

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