Difference between 3Dmol.js and 3Dmol-min.js


What is the difference between 3Dmol.js and 3Dmol-min.js?

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From code point of view, 3Dmol.js and 3Dmol-min.js are the same.

But they are stored in different file formats:

1. 3Dmol-min.js is the minimized version of 3Dmol.js with all line breaks and other white spaces removed.

2. 3Dmol-min.js is 3 times smaller than 3Dmol.js. So you should use 3Dmol.js in production systems to reduce network traffic.

-rw-r--r--  1 fyicenter  staff   582153 Dec 20 21:44 3Dmol-min.js
-rw-r--r--  1 fyicenter  staff  1795550 Dec 21 08:22 3Dmol.js

3. But 3Dmol.js contains line breaks and white spaces. So you should use 3Dmol.js in test systems to have better error messages with exact line numbers.

Locations of 3Dmol.js and 3Dmol-min.js files:


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