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What URL Parameters are supported by the Online 3Dmol Viewer?

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When invoking the Online 3Dmol Viewer, you can add URL parameters to initialize the viewer using this syntax:


The 3Dmol Viewer supports the following parameters:

1. pdb={PDB_ID} - Specifies the PDB ID of a protein file to be loaded from https://www.rcsb.org/.

2. cid={PubChem_CID} - Specifies the CID of a molecule file to be loaded from https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.

3. url={URL} - Specifies the URL where a molecule file can be loaded.

4. type={Type} - Specifies the file format of the loaded data.

5. select={Selection} - Selects substructures of the loaded molecule for subsequent "style", "surface" and "labelres" parameters. If not provided, the entire molecule is selected.

6. style={line|cross|cartoon|stick|sphere} - Specifies the display style for the selected substructures.

7. surface={Surface_Spec} - Turns on the Van der Waals surface with given parameters for the selected substructures.

8. labelres={Label_Spec} - Adds labels to the selected substructures.


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