URL to Start Online 3Dmol Viewer


What Is URL to Start the Online 3Dmol Viewer?

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You can use the following URL to the the Online 3Dmol Viewer:


The 3Dmol Viewer will display a blank window with a menu icon.

Click the menu icon, you can see 3 options to load the molecule data into the viewer:

  • Select a molecule data file on your local machine.
  • Enter a URL where you can download the molecule data.
  • Enter PDB ID, like "1YCR". The protein data will be downloaded from the the online PDB database.
Online Server of 3Dmol Viewer
Online Server of 3Dmol Viewer

You can also use the following URL access the online 3Dmol viewer:



URL Parameters for 3Dmol Viewer

What Is Online Server of 3Dmol Viewer

Using Online Server of 3Dmol Viewer

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