Examples Provided in JSME


Where to find more examples on using JSME?

✍: FYIcenter.com


The JSME distribution package provides a number example on how to use JSME. If you open "./JSME_2022-09-26/index.html" in a Web browser, you see the following examples:

  • JSME_minimal.html - minimalistic example how to incorporate JSME into a web page
  • JSME_test.html - Example containing description of various program options
  • JME_to_JSME_simple.html - Adapt a page with the JME Java applet to use JSME
  • JME_to_JSME.html - Adapt a page with the JME Java applet to use JSME
  • JSME_dnd_demo.html - Example illustrating JSME drag-and-drop capabilities
  • JSME_atom_highlight_demo.html - Example of atom highlighting
  • JSME_smiles_atom_highlight.html - Example of atom highlighting inside a SMILES
  • JSME_chemical_resolver_demo.html - JSME can communicate with the Chemical Identifier Resolver service - at NIH and automatically retrieve pasted molecules
  • JSME_callback_and_mark.html - JavaScript callback for structure modification. Atom marking
  • JSME_access_internal_data.html - Access the chemical data of the structures and reactions depicted in the editor
  • JSME_resize.html - Resize the applet
  • JSME_autoresize.html - Resize the applet when the window size changes
  • JSME_depict_smiles.html - JSME in depict mode initialized with a SMILES
  • JSME_Rgroups.html - Handling of R groups
  • JSME_depict_edit_toggle.html - Toggle between depict and edit mode
  • JSME_smiles_atom_highlight.html - Show SMILES with atom highlight
  • JSME_depict_action.html - Depict mode with action enabled dynamically
  • JSME_additional_data.html - JSME_save custom data into atoms and bonds, custom background coloring
  • JSME_parent_and_metabolites.html - Setup for metabolites generation that uses custom templates
  • JSME_template.html - Creation of custom templates
  • JSME_template_aminoacids.html - Attempt to create a peptide builder
  • JSME_functional_group_coloring.html - Show how to create a custom background color palette for atoms
  • JSME_alternative_look.htmll - Customization of the JSME look
  • JSME_custom_x_shortcuts.html - Create custom keyboard shortcuts
  • JSME_inchi_direct.html - Show how to use the provided InChI library
  • JSME_inchi_direct_interactive.html - Another example to show how to use the provided InChI library
  • JSME_test_api.html - Test JSApplet.JSME.replaceAllAppletsByJSME
  • JSME_SVG.html - SVG generation
  • JSME_editor_plus_SVG.html - SVG generation
  • JSME_hidden.html - JSME in a hidden div
  • JSME_dojo.html - Example showing how to dynamically load JSME with another dynamic loading library


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