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How to build my own JSME editor Web Page?



If you want to build your Web page and offer JSME as a molecule editor in the middle of the page, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Follow the previous tutorial to install JSME on your Web server.

2. Create a new HTML document, editor.html, to load and run the JSME molecule editor in a given "div" tag.

<title>My JSME Editor</title>
<!-- loading JSME JavaScript library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="/jsme/jsme.nocache.js"></script>
  // running JSME in the "div" tag identified as "jsme_container"
  function jsmeOnLoad() {
    jsmeApplet = new JSApplet.JSME("jsme_container", "380px", "340px");
<p>Hello, please try the JSME molecule editor below:</p>
<div id="jsme_container"></div>

3. Copy editor.html to the Apache Web server where JSME was installed:

fyicenter$ sudo cp editor.html /var/www/html/jsme

4. Test JSME editor page on the Apache Web server by opening "http://localhost/jsme/editor.html" URL in a Web browser.

5. Select the "benzene ring" icon from the JSME editor menu and click a location inside the editor. You see a benzene ring molecule created.

6. Select the "export & import" icon from the menu and select "Copy as SMILES". You see the SMILES string "c1ccccc1" displayed.

You can continue to play with JSME editor.

Build Your Own JSME Editor
Build Your Own JSME Editor


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