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What IS JSME, Molecule Editor in JavaScript?



JSME, Molecule Editor in JavaScript is a free molecule editor created by Peter Ertl and Bruno Bienfait. It can be used as an integrated online Web tool.

JSME features are described in its documentation as: "JSME supports drawing and editing of molecules and reactions on desktop computer, as well as on handheld devices including iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. A built-in substituent menu and several keyboard shortcuts provide speedy access to the most common editing features and allow easy and fast creation of even large and complex molecules. The editor is able to export molecules as SMILES, MDL/Symyx/Accelrys Molfile or in its own compact format (one line textual representation of a molecule or reaction including also atomic 2D coordinates). The SMILES code generated by the JSME is canonical, i.e. independent on the way how the molecule was drawn. The applet can also serve as a query input tool for searching molecular databases by supporting creation of complex substructure queries, which are automatically translated into SMARTS. Input of reactions is also supported, including generation of reaction SMILES and SMIRKS. Copying of molecule SMILES or a Molfile into system clipboard and pasting Molfile from clipboard into the editor is also supported."

For more information, see JSME Tutorials.


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