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How to compare COVID-19 Virus infections between two countries or regions?

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Information in the table is based on data collected from World Health Organization as of 2024-05-30 16:12:17 Paris time.

United States of AmericaGlobal
Total Cases103,436,829772,838,745
Cases in Last 7 Days03,952
Cases in Last 24 Hours00
Total Deaths1,144,8776,988,679
Deaths in Last 7 Days026
Deaths in Last 24 Hours00
Total Infection Rate on Population31.25%9.92%
Last 7 Day Infection Rate on Population0.0000%0.0001%
Total Death Rate on Population0.3459%0.0897%
Last 7 Day Death Rate on Population0.000000%0.000000%
Total Death Rate on Infections1.11%0.90%
Last 7 Day Death Rate on Infections0.00%0.66%
Last 24 Hours Death Rate on Infections0.00%0.00%
Vaccination Doses Administered711,813,79013,595,583,125
Vaccinated at Least Once270,227,1815,583,829,066
Fully Vaccinated230,637,3485,163,576,079
Vaccinated with Boosters02,071,284,512
Administered Dose Rate215.05%169.95%
Vaccinated at Least Once Rate81.64%69.80%
Fully Vaccinated Rate69.68%64.55%
Vaccinated with Booster Rate0.00%25.89%
Vaccination for Infection Protection Index-80.32-13.87
Vaccination for Death Protection Index-50.60-5.30
Booster for Infection Protection Index0.91-3.64
Booster for Death Protection Index30.634.93


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