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Load Molecule Strcuture from File
How to load a molecule structure from a file into PyMol? In order to visualize a molecule in PyMol, you need to load the molecule structure from a file first. 1. Start PyMol and click the "File &gt; Open" menu. You see the file open dialog box. 2. Find and select the "Molecule-HY-001.sdf" file, ...
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"babel --append ..." Command - Calculate Molecule Properties
How to use "babel --append ..." command to calculate Molecule Properties? The "--append ..." option of the "babel" command can be used to copy existing molecule properties from the input data source, and append them to the "title" field of output molecules. But the "--append ..." option can also be ...
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What Is Molecule
What Is Molecule? A Molecule is a group of two or more atoms that form the smallest identifiable unit into which a pure substance can be divided and still retain the composition and chemical properties of that substance. Examples of molecules: Hydrogen gas molecule has 2 hydrogen atoms bonded togeth...
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JS Loading Error - JSME Instance Named as "jsme"
Why I am getting the JavaScript file loading error, if I name the JSME Instance Named as "jsme"? "jsme" is used in JSME JavaScript code for another object. If you use it to name your new JSME object, it will override the other object and cause JavaScript loading errors. 1. Follow the previous tutori...
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Running Open Babel on Windows
Where to find FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on running Open Babel on Windows? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team on running Open Babel on Windows. Install Open Babel Binary Package on Windows Run Open Babel GUI on Windows Structure...
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What Is PyMol
What Is PyMol? PyMol is a powerful molecule visualization software with the following main features: Able to produce high-quality graphics ready for publications. Able to create movies. Able to measure bond distances and angles. Has an extensive help system. Structures can be sliced, diced, and reas...
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Molecule Online Dabases
Where to find FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on molecule online databases? I want to use them to search molecules and their properties. Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team on molecule online Databases. pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Molecu...
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pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/edit3 - Draw/View Molecules
What is pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/edit3 ?pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/edit3 is a Website that offers PubChem Sketcher as an online tool to draw and view molecules. PubChem Sketcher was designed to be as Browser- and platform-independent as possible and should work on any recent Web browser on MS Windows,...
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Molecule FYI-1000179
Molecule Summary: ID: FYI-1000179 SMILES: CNC[C@H](O)C1=CC(O)=C(O)C=C1 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2020-10-16
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Install Open Babel CLI RPM Package for CentOS
How to download and install Open Babel CLI (Command Line Interface) RPM package for CentOS computers? Open Babel CLI RPM package offers a number of pre-build command line tools for you convert and manipulate molecule data from one format to another format using Open Babel library. You can follow thi...
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PyMol Installation
Where to find tutorials in understanding what is PyMol and how to install it? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team in understanding what is PyMol and how to install it. What Is PyMol Install PyMol Incentive Edition on MacOS Install PyMo...
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Open Babel Command Files on macOS
What are Open Babel commands and files installed by the macOS binary package? If you install Open Babel 2.3.1 with the pre-compiled binary package on a macOS computer, you will get a number of Open Babel commands. All Open Babel command files are located in the /usr/local/bin directory: fyicenter$ l...
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Molecule FYI-1000172
Molecule Summary: ID: FYI-1000172 SMILES: COc1cc(/C=C/c2cc(/C=C/c3ccc(O) c(OC)c3)[nH]n2)ccc1OReceived at FYIcenter.com on: 2020-10-06
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ebi.ac.uk - ChEMBL Compound Database
What is ebi.ac.uk ChEMBL Compound Database? ebi.ac.uk ChEMBL Compound Database contains about 2,000,000 molecule compounds, one of the largest molecule database in the world. Molecule Online Database - ChEMBL at ebi.ac.uk For more information, visit www.ebi.ac.uk/chembl/g/#browse /compounds.     ⇒ ...
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Install PyMol Incentive Edition on MacOS
How to download and install PyMol Incentive edition on macOS? Downloading and installing PyMol Incentive edition on macOS is straightforward and easy as shwon in the following steps: 1. Go to PyMol Website at pymol.org . 2. Download and save the macOS DMG Disk Image file: PyMOL-2.3.3_107-MacOS-py37....
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Testing Area
What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
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💬 2022-10-31 Opolskie: https://www.weltec-biopower.pl/info- center/biogaz/jak-dziala-biogazownia .html

💬 2022-10-29 asas: assasa

💬 2022-07-06 wendywilson: Creative Biogene's state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced staff are available in order to assist in all areas of ade...

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"babel ... -o svg -xi" - Show Atom Indices in SVG
How to show atom indices in a molecule SVG picture? I want to see in what order each atom is listed in the SMILES string. The SMILES string list each atom a molecule is a specific sequence. You can use the "-xi" option when generating the SVG file to show the index of each atom corresponding to the ...
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Introduction to Open Babel
Where to find FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on basic understanding of Open Babel, Chemistry Toolbox? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team on basic understanding of Open Babel, Chemistry Toolbox. What Is Open Babel, Chemistry Toolbox ...
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Molecule FYI-1000180
Molecule Summary: ID: FYI-1000180 SMILES: O=C1N[C@H](C)CNC2=C1SC(C=C3)=C 2C4=C3N=C(OC5=NC(Cl)=NC=C5COCC )C=C4Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2020-10-25
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What Is PKNCA R Package
What Is the PKNCA R Package? The PKNCA R Package is designed to perform all Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA) calculations for Pharmacokinetic (PK) data. The primary and secondary goals of the PKNCA package are to 1) only give correct answers to the specific questions being asked and 2) automate as m...
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What Is Ion
What Is Ion? An ion is a molecule that has a net electrical charge. Since the charge of the electron (considered negative by convention) is equal and opposite to that of the proton (considered positive by convention), the net charge of an ion is non-zero due to its total number of electrons being un...
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Molecule FYI-1000184
Molecule Summary: ID: FYI-1000184 SMILES: CC(C)CC1=NC=CN=C1OC Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2020-11-09
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"babel ... -o svg -xC" - Hide Terminal C in SVG
How to hide those C symbols for terminal carbon atoms in SVG with the "babel" command? If you want to hide those C symbols for terminal carbon atoms in SVG format, you can use the "-o svg -xC" option with the "babel" command. Here is how the "-xC" option is described in Open Babel help document: "C ...
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JSME User Interface Menu Icons
What are JSME user interface menu icons? JSME user interface menu icons are organized into 3 groups: 1. Action Icons - Located on in the first icon bar on top of the editor. Actions icons allows you to perform the following actions: SMILES - Displays the SMILES string of everything in the editor. De...
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